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Course Category: Module 5 – Financial and Economic Sustainability of SE

The aim of the module is to deeply understand the economic and financial cycle of social enterprises in order for students and professionals to deal with financial and economic issues. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to learn to develop business plans and face sustainability aspects dialoguing with credit institutions and other actors belonging to the social finance world. Moreover, the module will address the potential of Social Finance and Social Impact Finance, since according to the latest report issued by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) , $500 billion will be invested according to an “impact logic” in order to improve the living conditions of 1 billion people. The impact investing market, as the GIIN reports (2019), is destined to grow: in fact […] “impact investments are proving to be able to play a fundamental role in dragging the financial markets to undertake a transformation path towards the promotion of models of intervention generating social impact. Impact investing models are creating a multiplicity of tools and data that increasingly allow investors to incorporate the impact dimension into their decision-making processes, and channel capital towards the most effective solutions”.
At the end of the module, learners will have a comprehensive knowledge on how to achieve the financial and economic sustainability of SE.