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SocialB: Social Business Educational Ecosystem for Sustainability and Growth

The SocialB project is an Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliances project exploring and addressing the skills gaps and training needs in current educational/training programs by establishing a framework to develop the competencies of students, social entrepreneurs and social enterprise practioners through effective pedagogies.  We are writing to you in relation to data collection on social enterprise programmes across Europe.

Consent to publish course/programme information on Interactive Map

From May-August 2020, the SocialB project carried out on-line research of course/program provision in the field of social enterprise across the EU, with a particular focus on the four SocialB partner countries (Ireland, Italy, Greece and Slovenia) at HEI/VET level.  This generated a database of courses/programmes which we have now converted into an  an interactive map.  With this map we now have the opportunity to highlight  the location and relevant details of such programmes across Europe.  

Please check your organisation and courses/programmes on the map below.

Please fill out the form on this page to confirm your consent to your organisation being included on the map once it becomes publicly available.

We look forward to collaborating to exchange and broaden our experiences, knowledge and networks.