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Learning Modules & Themes

Following lots of analysis, discussions and drafts by the Project Team in recent months, we have designed 6 Learning Units, each of which will include themes and learning on one of 6 key challenges to growth and sustainability identified by social enterprises and organisations which collaborate with them. The Learning Units are modular, and designed to be delivered through a blended learning approach, either as a single module or one of several. Have a look below at the 6 Learning themes we’re working on.

1 Introduction to Social Enterprise

    • History and evolution of the social enterprise sector
    • Combining business values and social values
    • Social Innovation
    • Governance & partnerships

2. Project Design & Management

    • Soft skills & Transferable skills
    • Project Management Cycle
    • Preparing proposals and procurement
    • National & EU funding Opportunities

3. Human Resources

    • Role of HR and HR management
    • Recruitment of staff and volunteers
    • Managing performance
    • Leadership and leadership skills

4. Social Impact

    • Defining social impact
    • How to assess social impact
    • Analysing data
    • Communicating your social impact

5. Financial Sustainability

    • Strategic Planning life cycle
    • How to make a business plan
    • Financial planning and cashflow
    • Financing your social enterprise – bank loans, social finance, grants, sales

6. Marketing and Fundraising for Growth

    • Growth strategies
    • Market competitiveness and how to evaluate it
    • Fundraising options for social enterprises
    • Networking and Marketing for Sales