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Learning Units – Presentations and Work Based Learning

Module 1: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

1. History and evolution of SE in Europe

2. Reshape business value chain into social value chain

3. Introduction to Social Innovation

4. Good Governance of Social Enterprise


Module 2: Project Design and Management

5. EU projects – EU opportunities for the development and funding of social enterprises

6. Procurements processes, funding applications and proposals writing

7. Project Management

8. Soft Skills


Module 3: Human Resource

9. The role of human resource management

10. Recruitment and selection of employees and volunteers

11. Managing employee’s performance

12. Leadership, and Leadership communication for maximum impact


Module 4: Social Impact Assessment

13. Introduction to Social Impact Assessment

14. Methodology and tools to assess social impact

15. Data analysis and visualization

16. The importance of communicating social impact to key stakeholders


Module 5: Financial and Economic Sustainability of SE

17. Strategic planning and the life cycle of Social Enterprises

18. How to build a business plan

19. Financial planning and cash flow constraints

20. Credit access and opportunities for social enterprises: Social Finance and Social Impact Finance


Module 6: Growth Strategies, Marketing and Fundraising for SE

21. Growth strategies and long term profitability of Social Enterprise projects

22. Market evaluation and competitiveness assessment

23. Fundraising and diverse fundings for SE

24. Marketing, Sales and Networking skills