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Presenting partner countries – Ireland

This time we are introducing a member of our Irish project team. Dr. Marie Taylor, project officer for Social Enterprise and Rural Development with the Development Unit (DU), Technical University of the Shannon (TUS) (formerly LIT), who recently made her debut as guest speaker on the Dublin City University podcast From Passion to Action.

The podcast is part of a project led by Dr. Emer Ní Bhrádaigh, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences which aims to foster social innovation and social entrepreneurship in higher level education. It “aims to support educators in embedding social impact in their teaching… and in fostering in their students the behaviour, skills, thinking and attitude in devising, testing and launching sustainable innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges”.

During the episode, Marie highlighted the role of the Development Unit within TUS and the new developments, including the formation of the new TUS and the Sustainable Development Research Institute.
Marie also discussed several of the DU’s Social Enterprise projects and gave particular attention to the SocialB project.
The podcast series will form part of the Passion to Action resources and is publicly available online at

LIT becomes TUS

Other news from SocialB lead partner: on Friday 1st October, Limerick Institute of Technology merged with Athlone Institute of Technology to form the Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest, abbreviated as TUS.
TUS represents a major step forward for the region and creates new opportunities for students, staff and stakeholders. TUS commitment to working with external stakeholders is as strong as ever and they look forward to continuing their partnership with their friends and colleagues across Europe to deliver on their ambitions.