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Slovenian PAG members talk about the future of Social Entrepreneurship in Slovenia

Slovenian Project Advisory Group (PAG) is very active in the SocialB project and here are some of their thoughts about the future of Social Entrepreneurship in Slovenia.

Mrs. Urška Bitenc, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Regional Development Directorate, Division for social entrepreneurship, cooperatives and economic democracy
“Social economy is extremely important for development of social innovation and inclusive jobs. In Slovenia we need support environment for SE by good policies, financial resources and support.”

Mrs. Zdenka Marija Kovač, M.Sc., lecturer, independent researcher
“We need to setup a development and research units for social entrepreneurships, unify institutional support and provide system funding. SE is a key tool for developing social innovation in the future.”

Mr. Miro Mihec, director of Etika d.o.o., co-founder of several social enterprises
“We need to build ethic, socially responsible and social economy for the better future through raising awareness about the benefits of social economy and how we are dependent on each other.”

Mrs. Tatjana Rakar, Ph.D., professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
“We need to adopt development strategy for SE development and systematic implementation on all levels. Another key point is to implement systematic measuring of social impact.”

Mr. Andrej Udovč, Ph.D., professor at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
“SE is one of the most promising types of entrepreneurship. More education and awareness is needed as there is still a lot of misunderstanding about social entrepreneurship and social economy in Slovenia.”

Mrs. Marinka Vovk, Ph.D., first social enterprise in Slovenia, Reuse Centre
“In Slovenia we need system support for SE. We need to present to the policy makers direct and indirect impact SE has on the quality of life for the society.”