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SocialB Piloting

The piloting phase of SocialB project is crucial for the validation and finalization of Social B training and assessment methodology, training material, the Social B platform and methodology for work-based learning. The SocialB partners are involved in piloting in all the four partner countries – Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Ireland. More specifically, the focus of the piloting includes:

  • 1 entire Module plus 2 other Learning Units (a total of 6 Learning Units) are being tested in each partner country,
  • Each Learning Unit has a duration of between 20hours to 40hours
  • Blended learning is followed in all partner countries ( Face to Face, Online training, WBL and Focus Groups)
  • Different target groups are involved such as students, social entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs, HEI and VET providers and Social Business Advisors and / or Organizations that support Social Enterprises.

In each partner country, piloting is implemented in two phases: In the first phase, the Trainers attended a short training programme on the use of the methodology, the training material, the Social B Platform and WBL methodology, in order to understand the learning process. In the second phase, actual piloting took place via Focus Groups, Face to Face Training, Online Training (synchronous and asynchronous) and Work Based Learning. The use of these methods will be used depends on various factors such as the national context, the main subject of the course and the professional role of participants.

So far more than 15 courses have been implemented anticipating that the rest of them will be completed by middle of July.
Stay tuned to be the first to know the Piloting results!