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The SocialB pilot programme is almost ready to launch…

The programme aims to address the training needs highlighted during the research phase of our project, into the management, growth and sustainability challenges facing Social Enterprises at present.
Based on your input, SocialB has developed 24 Learning Units which respond to the knowledge and skills gaps you identified as being important for the management, growth and sustainability of the Social Enterprise sector, as well as materials on how to develop and / or scale a social enterprise.

How can the pilot programme be of benefit to you?

The pilot programme will be rolled out in early 2022, and will provide an opportunity for participants to input and shape the final content. It is free for participants!
The opportunity to participate will be available to Social Entrepreneurs, SE Managers and Board Members, SE Consultants, and students and teaching staff from universities and vocational.
Learning topics in the pilot programme include:

  • Social impact assessment and measurement;
  • Funding and fundraising;
  • Market research, marketing & networking;
  • Strategic Planning for social enterprises;
  • How to survive in the market and grow your SE;
  • And lots more …

We will let you know how you can participate in the programme in our next newsletter!